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Is your heart and mind focused primarily on their well being, or is your heart and mind more focused on how you are feeling? When you are in a healthy alignment within yourself then your relationships will bloom! You will naturally know how to take good care of others because you are taking good care of yourself each day. When you are feeling under the weather then others better watch out! You may naturally, but not consciously, take out your aches and pains on the ones you love. If you allow your expectations to get in the way you may end up feeling more angry and frustrated.

Take it easy Leo. Realize that you are a powerfully wise soul who can help others to feel good about themselves and then in return they will desire to also help you. BE the type of person that you desire others to become. You can do this when you realize that your own attitudes, thoughts, feelings and vibrations set the tone for others to choose to be close to you or not.

Virgo’s weekly horoscopes

Starting on Tuesday, October 23rd, at AM EDT the Sun will move into the sign of Scorpio which will bring your main focus towards your home and family members for the next 4 weeks. When you are happy then they can be too. For more information read my special AstroNews Report. Over this season you have learned how to bring more balance into your attitudes and with your emotions. Now comes a time where you are going to bring a better balance into your finances as well.

You have a strong commitment and dedication towards what is most important to you now. The Sun, your personal power planet, shifts signs on Saturday, September 22nd. Out of Virgo and into Libra the Sun will go, bringing in a brand new season and a brand new focus for you. You may find yourself quite busy, running errands, talking with friends, and even learning something new so that your mind can continue to expand in ways that you will enjoy. Take some time to step out in nature and view this beautiful Moon.

What has held you back in the past no longer needs to hold you back now. You know that you are wiser for the experiences that you have been through. With a stronger sense of clarity and passion about how you desire to live you life from now on and with more determination, persistence, clarity and positive focus the efforts that you put forth will reward you 10 fold!

You should more clearly know what you want now. Keep up the good work Leo! To read the special Astro Report for the days ahead, just click this link. Love is the energy that keeps your life and the Universe flowing well! What does the energy of Love mean to you? Are you able to give it as much as you desire to receive it? With the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Gemini now this is your time of life where you can focus on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals, as well as being able to enhance your social life.

The more you are able to genuinely give to another, the more you will receive! But the energy of giving must come from your first, in the most genuinely sincere manner.

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Honesty is the best policy now. Try to focus your attention upon the people and projects that mean the most to you. Notice too when others around you are not being genuinely honest with you. The energy of Synchronicity is flowing quite quickly through your life. Pay attention to the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel. Do you like your thoughts and your feelings?

If not then now is the time to change and transform them into thoughts and feelings that you DO desire to attract more of! This New Moon in Gemini energy can help you to think, feel and communicate so much better! This is a time that you should certainly look forward to!

Leo’s weekly horoscopes

I will still be setting up appointments and doing my private sessions, as well as my speciality reports. If you are interested in obtaining a private session with me feel free to email me anytime at: michelle astroenlightenment. With so many planets being in retrograde motion over this summer, this is an excellent time to relax, retreat, and spend quality time with the ones you love.

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May you and your loved ones have a very happy Summer Season! You are wise! You can do it! Whatever you set your mind upon achieving you can do it! Some Leos may desire to start their own businesses doing tasks for others that they enjoy doing themselves. Others are watching you and seeing how you promote yourself and if you believe in what you do…because then they will want to buy what you are selling and hire you! A stronger sense of optimism is in the air around you starting at this New Moon point of time.

On Wednesday, May 16th at AM EDT, the energy of Mars will shift into your opposite sign of Aquarius which will energetically stimulate your most personal relationships!

When it comes to others your kindness matters most. How you choose to treat others will return to you 10 fold for better or worse ; so keep this in mind and try to treat others as you desire to be treated because by doing so you can be assured to have much better relationships. You can plan on doing something enjoyable on this wonderful day! AND also on the same day Mercury will shift into its natural sign of Gemini which will give you an even greater ability to focus on what you want even more!

Your social life will begin to pick up in a very good way and those people you know and will meet will want to help you achieve your important goals! So have some fun and positively look forward to a more enjoyable life from this point of time onward! Energy from the Sun in Taurus is asking you to put value on all of your accomplishments.

Both personally and within your career, the more effort you put forth the more successful you will become! Do you desire to become healthier, wealthier, and happier? The first step is to take a good look around you and to clean up your environment! So get that body moving! The better you feel, the better you will think, and the better decisions you will make. You want to make the right choices and decisions so that you can enhance your most personal relationships right?

Okay then, get up and get moving and put your best foot forward — within your career and within your most personal relationships Leo! You can reach her at or michelle astroenlightenment. Click here to contact Michelle! Ask me your questions via email! Compatibility Report! Solar Return Report!

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