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Passionate about his opinions, Mars in Sagittarius seeks a partner with whom he can be both student and teacher, sharing insights and ideas freely. As a couple, this fiery duo creates a gypsy lifestyle that is as colorful as it is fun. Love is yet one more unknown terrain to explore, one that they will approach with their trademark optimism and curiosity. Their only challenge is that in their haste to move on to the next frontier, they may neglect some of the day-to-day details that keep a relationship working. Cultivating patience and precision will help this Sag pair successfully continue on their quest.

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It is associated with deities such as Ishtar and Aphrodite and in Western astrology, it carries the idea of these goddesses as archetypes. Venus represents love and the comprehension of love.

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It is also associated with beauty, fertility, abundance and richness. In natal astrology, Venus always wins the best supporting actress award, no matter who is the main star, except if it is Venus as well. In addition to answering questions related to love, Venus also reveals answers to matters of money, finances in general, material wealth and all kinds of pleasures. It is the planet of prosperity and harmony. It is also the planet of art and beauty; it determines your understanding of the very idea of beauty. That is why people with dominating Venus are often very creative and artistic.

What happens when beautiful, feminine, warm and amorous Venus meets fiery, edgy and energetic Sagittarius? Venus in Sagittarius makes an extraordinary aspect and creates one exquisite attitude towards what is beautiful and what is love. It is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and, in this case, Venus has to cooperate with such a strong planet.

Venus in Sagittarius is not in its natural place, so it has to adapt. Sagittarius, with its ruling Jupiter, is characterized by traits and temperament different from essential ideas related to Venus.

Venus in Sagittarius: Astrology of Love & Compatibility

It does not mean physical, and sensitive love is negated and denied, but something else. With Venus in Sagittarius, one has a tendency to bring love to a higher, more spiritual level. People with Venus in Sagittarius are in search for beauty and love that are above physical and visible. They need deep mental and emotional connection with things and people. They are guided by categories of the ultimate goodness and ultimate freedom, which together create their ideal of higher, heavenly love. They maintain an optimistic attitude in terms of love. They are loved by many, because their aura is genuinely light and positive.

Venus Sagittarius would use their arrows with ease and good intentions and they would make you enchanted by their whole being.

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They bring joy into a relationship and never let it become dull and too ordinary. There is a distinctive desire for adventure that might reflect on their love life. However, that does not necessarily mean they are uninterested in marriage and a long-term relationship. Venus Sagittarius would not start a relationship that easily and quickly, because they have to make sure if it could be a sufficient driving force. They expect love to be motivating, exciting, adventurous. They rarely have prejudices and they could see love games as a challenge that leads to opening of new exciting chapters and wide horizons.

Venus Sagittarius are usually popular amongst other people and it is not because they play being someone they are not, too cool or perfect. Venus Sagittarius are outgoing and open; they are friendly and they enjoy meeting new people. They have no prejudices and they never judge people before they talk to them.

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  • People with Venus in Sagittarius believe making friendships and amazing way of widening your horizons. People with Venus Sagittarius aspect often inspire others; their energy is positive and motivating. They are curious and adventurous, ready to experience new things. They are honest and open when it comes to love. They really want to meet you and they rarely under-estimate others.


    They are creative and spontaneous. They search for love that will inspire and motivate them and they are ready to open the same. They are a bit idealistic in expectations for their perfect one, but they are positive, light and eager to search for their ideals. They praise freedom above all and that is where the most of their true love lies. They are in love with knowledge and spiritual development. People with Venus in Sagittarius are at risk of engaging with things that would consume their energy. They have a lot of energy, but they could become obsessed with something that does not respond to what they invest.

    We cannot say a Venus Sagittarius loses interest quickly, but the problem is they often have too many interests and want to practice them at the same time. They want an ideal love relationship, in their terms, of course, and find themselves at lost if the object of their love acts differently.

    What Venus Signs Say About Relationships - Venus Compatibility

    They are particularly sensitive to any form of pressure or restrictions, it is good to value your freedom, but you should be aware that some limitations that come with a relationship do not hurt your integrity. Venus Sagittarius are fearless when they are up to something, but then they could get distracted by something else, because they are always in search for excitement and adventure.

    They lose people out of recklessness and distractive mind, not because they want deliberately to hurt somebody. Venus in Sagittarius in men signs is ruled by ethics and morals.

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    • This man is determined and focused and he could be theatrical in expression of his feelings. He searches for a woman with a sharp mind, someone that could challenge his adventurous spirit and his intellect.

      Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

      He does not like conventional things and he wants to be free, physically and mentally. Spiritual development is of a great importance to Venus Sagittarius man. He is dedicated to his personal development at all times. At the same time, he is an open and friendly personality. He is a fiery intellectual, with a sense for adventure.

      Venus and Mars Working Together

      Venus Sagittarius man is often socially very active and it would not be strange if he were someone who inspires masses. He could be a successful actor, spiritual leader or any other sort of an inspirational, well-educated person. Venus Sagittarius man does not avoid duty, but he would see to make himself the creator of all duties. He is a bold, enthusiastic personality. In a woman, he seeks for his reflection.